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Chicken Parmesan 

Grilled Cilantro lime Chicken


Fried Chicken

Jerk Chicken

Lemon Chicken

Smoked Chicken Tostada Nachos

Chicken and Rice

Chicken Pot Pie

Orange Chicken

Chicken stuffed with spinach and artichokes

 Chicken Teriyaki

Chicken with gravy, onions and  Peppers

Sesame Chicken

Chicken Stir Fry

Bone in Roasted Chicken

Chicken a la mar topped with shrimp and crab with a white sauce

Chicken Etouffee

Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

you can add Shrimp

Grilled Bacon wrapped Chicken with stuffed jalapeño



Fried fish(fish of your choice)

Seared Sea Bass in a lemon butter sauce

Shrimp Scampi

Orange Shrimp

Stuffed fish( fish of your choice)

Sauteed Shrimp

Sauteed Fish ( fish of you choice)

Blackened Fish( fish of your choice)

Fried Shrimp

Seafood Tortellini

Stuffed Catfish or Basa witha seafood stuffing with a white sauce

Beer Battered Shrimp



Grilled Pork chops

Fried Pork chops

Stuffed Pork chop with ( sausage or beef grits dressing)

Grilled Ribs

Pork Loin with apple and cranberry sauce

Sautéed or Grilled Pork Chop with Apples and Onions

Pork Chops with Balsamic and Sweet Peppers

Pork Sausage and Peppers

Pulled Pork with a Raspberry chipotle sauce

Dijon jalapeno Smoked Pork Loin


Pepper Steak

Stir fried Beef with Peppers

Steak with Wine Reduction

New English Pot Roast

Beef Sausage and Pepper

Beef Enchiladas

Beef Stir Fry

Meat loaf stuffed with peppers, onion and season with a homemade red sauce. 


Lasagna with Collard Greens or Spinach

Beef Tips and Noodles

Steak au poivre

Chimichurri Marinated

Char Smoked Sirlion

Spinach and Artichoke Portobello Mushrooms with Fontina Cheese

Zucchini and Eggplant Lasagna

Pasta Primavera

Roasted Sweet Potatoes with cranberries,pear and pecans

Grilled farmed market seasonal vegetables drizzled with aged balsamic vinaigrette

Quesadillas with homemade salsa, spinach, mushrooms, poblano peppers with smoked gouda

Bake Ziti

EggPlant Parmigiana 

Baked Cauliflower Parmesan


Cilantro Lime Cous Cous

Tossed Salad

Cesar Salad

Traditional Coleslaw

Jalapeno cilantro lime Coleslaw

Traditional Potato Salad

Macaroni Salad

Spinach Salad

Chipotle black bean and Roasted Corn Salad

Wedge iceberg, with diced tomatoes, blue cheese crumbles, smoked bacon

Pasta Salad

Strawberry Salad

Cucumber, tomatoes and onion Salad

Shredded Chicken Salad

Tuna Salad

Mango Tuna Salad

Garden Salad

Chopped Antipasto Salad

Apple Feta Spinach Salad

Orange Brussel Sprout Salad


Filet Mignon



Kansas city strip 

King Crab

Octopus in a mild butter sauce

Jumbo Shrimp

Lollipop Lamb Chop

Crab Cakes

Lemon Pepper Salmon

Crawfish /Chicken/ Shrimp Etouffee



Sour Cream Garlic Mashed Potatoes




Roasted Garlic Carrots

Macaroni & Cheese 

Seafood Rice

Collard Greens

Seafood Mac and Cheese

Dirty Rice with a spicy or mild creole sauce 

Dirty Rice with Collard 

Greens( any favor Collard, Turnips, Mustard, or Mix)

Baked Beans

Hasselback potatoes


Noodles with Homemade Alfredo

Candied Sweet Potatoes

Scalloped Potatoes

Green bean w/ neck bones and onions,bacon and onions or no meat 

Green bean and Potatoes

Vegetable Medley


Grits Dressing

Garlic butter small Yukon Potatoes

Twice Baked Potatoes

Garlic butter Corn

Honey Glazed Carrots

Lemon Roasted Broccoli with Asiago

Cauliflower Mash 

Wild Rice Pilaf

Cilantro lime Rice

Red beans and Rice

Spanish Rice


Desserts are $4.00 per person and is served hors d'oeuvres style

Chef LaMona's famous banana pudding

Strawberry Red Velvet pudding

Carrot Cake

Apple Crisp Bites with or without  ice

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Brownie Bites with or without  ice 

Assorted Cookie Tray

Sugar, Chocolate chip, Oatmeal

Lemon bars

Carrot Cake

Apple crumble with or with ice cream

Strawberry Cheese cake


Mardi Gras Cupcakes

Crab boil: Crab legs, Sausage, Shrimp, Corn, Potato, Egg         

choice of  Chef LaMona's white butter Sauce, or Garlic butter or Spicy Butter 

King Crab boil: King Crab, Sausage, Shrimp, Corn, Potato, Egg       

choice of  Chef LaMona's white butter Sauce, or Garlic butter or Spicy Butter 

Minimum of 15 people per person

Taco bar, Potato Bar, Hot Dog Bar, Nacho Bar, Chili Bar, S'more Bar, Sandwich Bar, Sundae Bar, Omelette bar

Talk to us about pricing for any of these Bars.

Street tacos include meat, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, cilantro, red and green salsa

2 tacos per guest, choose 2 proteins

3 tacos per guest, choose 3 proteins 

4 tacos per guest, choose 4 proteins


Beef Barbacoa

Angus Beef slow roasted with guajillo, ancho, and smoked paprika, peppers with a pinches of cumin and cloves, braised fork tender 

Ground Beef 


Pork Carnitas

Pork marinated in lime and orange with chipotle and ancho peppers with  onion , cilantro and pineapples



 Cilantro lime Chicken


Fish Tacos with cabbage, cilantro 


Shrimp tacos or Salmon Tacos pico, avocado, cilantro, coleslaw queso fresco


Steak tacos Steak Tacos with Chimichurri Sauce -tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, and with a lemon


Steak Tacos with Cilantro-Radish Salsa


Steak Tacos with pico de gallo, cheese and lettuce   


Vegetarian Tacos


Roasted Corn with and beans Manchego & Mango slaw with a Lime tacos

Roasted Cauliflower and Chickpea tacos with cheese, slaw and and a Chef LaMona  sauce


Roasted Brussels Sprout Tacos with slaw and  Chipotle Aioli



Chipotle or Spanish  or Cilantro lime rice


Mexican Rice-toasted rice cooked with tomato, carrot, poblano pepper, mexican oregano and cumin


Black Beans-black beans cooked in onions, carrots, poblano peppers, fresh thyme, and pinch of cumin


Refried Beans-pinto bean cooked in onion and garlic smashed


Guacamole includes chips- Quart 

Queso Dip include chips -Quart 

Roasted Elote Corn Salad include chips- Quart 

Drink Stations


Lemonade: classic, strawberry, Peach

Iced Tea: Sun-brewed sweet iced tea or unsweetened tea with simple syrup

Infused Spa Water: Cucumber Mint, Rosemary, Strawberry mint

Coffe Station

Regular and Decaf coffee with French vanilla cream, half & half, sugar and sugar substitute

Add hot chocolate and hot tea varieties to coffee station.

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