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Meal Prep

Package 1

$200 + grocery cost

3 Entrees with side dishes, 

4 portion each

12 meals

This Option provides 3 nights of dinner for a family 

four, six nights for dinner for two people

Package 2

$300 + grocery cost

5 Entrees with side dishes,

4 portions each

20 meals

This option provides 5 nights of dinner for a family of four or 10 night of dinner for a family of two.

Package 3

$400 + grocery cost 

5 Entrees with side dishes,

8 portion each

40 meal total

This option provides 10 nights of dinner for a family of four

Price includes Chefs fees, Menu Planning, Grocery Shopping, and Preparation. Pricing may change or vary depending upon the customizations of meals. 

Meal Prep/ Meal Kit Delivery

How it works?

You receive a delivery of chopped and prepped ingredients needed to make a full recipe, along with cooking instructions for the meals.

Best for:

Those who want to eat a fresh, hot meal and aren’t a fan of leftovers or reheating. This option is also good for those who enjoyed cooking, but not the time it can take to shop,chop and prep the ingredients.

Full Meal Delivery 
How it work?

You receive a fully prepared cooked meal-all you have to do is reheat.If it’s a meal that doesn’t need to be eaten hot(like a salad) you will just eat it. 

Best for:

Those who aren’t interested in doing any cooking at all, but doesn’t mind warming up a quality meal.

We will go over your menu for the week and your budget. Your meal will be prepared in a commercial kitchen using only Quality, Natural Ingredients.  Delivery will be on Sundays so you have your meals for the beginning of the week. We never use frozen or canned products.

Your meals are packaged and labeled, ready for you to heat at your convenience.

Most menu items only require to be heated in the oven for 15-20 minutes to keeps it freshness and Restaurant taste. Heating instructions are included. 

This is a good service for busy families, seniors, busy mom, or anyone who enjoys Quality home cooked food with have to cook, or go to the store or the hassle of prepping and cleaning up.

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